Some Fine Furniture for a Tuesday

At David Head Furniture, it is always nice when we are called upon to make what would be described as a much more traditional piece of handmade furniture.

The sort of piece that would not have looked out of place or fashion 100 years ago or hopefully in 100 years time. Using solid timber and traditional techniques (albeit sometimes with a more modern and time saving approach!) is a big thrill for us all.

I thought i would just add a few nice photos with a small description of each piece, if for no other reason that it might either give you some inspiration to want something similar or just to give you something nice to look at on a Tuesday!


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This was a beautiful piece to work on, and cleverly designed too! It is made from Cherry and has some beautifully traditional mouldings and fixings. The base is actually detachable from the rest of the wardrobe! Our customer on this one wanted to create a wardrobe that looked like one solid unit but also had the ability to be taken apart and made into smaller units if they ever wanted to.

This is where the genius of David Head Furniture comes in! You may notice on the left hand side of the unit there is some nice looking panelling, made to blend nicely with the doors at the front. What you don’t know is that the above wardrobe was actually made as three seperate wardrobes that were then fixed together on one long base.

Both sides of all three of the individual units have matching panelling to what you see on the exposed left hand side. This gives the customer the ability to break it into small wardrobes at a later date if they move house or just fancied a change.

The only things that would actually need changing would be the bases and cornice, much easier than having to have all three made again!! This unit also features an oiled finish and not a lacquered finish.

We suggest this sometimes on large pieces of freestanding solid handmade furniture as it gives you the option to re-oil whenever you like, and not have to go through the process of having the whole thing taken apart and re-sprayed.


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This freestanding dresser was made from Chestnut. Chestnut can be very similar in appearance to oak in terms of grain but tends to have a much creamier colour. It is not quite as dense as Oak and so is slightly easier to work but may need slightly extra care in the long term to avoid marks and damage.

The lighting was also neatly integrated at the tip of the unit to ensure that there are no visible wires and actually work on a standard switch you would find on a lamp! There were some lovely mouldings on show here and the draws all featured detailed dovetail joints to add to the traditional look. You will see that the whole unit sits on the four sold legs in the corners.

Ensuring that the unit is built to be strong enough to hold the weight and not sag is a challenge in itself! The legs here were actually built around the lower unit so that they would effectively house it and take the weight nicely.

This unit was stained slightly darker than the original timber to match the customers existing furniture (there’s a neat plug for my furniture matching last blog right there!).


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handmade furniture bedford oak dresser

handmade furniture bedford oak dresser


Another piece built to match a customers store bought table and chairs, they were completely unable to find an existing piece that got anywhere close to the style and quality of this piece.

You can see the differing grain directions on the end of the table are completely matched by the top of our dresser.

This featured a intricate framework to seperate the four dovetailed draws and a simple square cornice to match existing furniture (more furniture matching!!) This is a traditional and solid oak piece.

There has been no staining to this unit and the unit has just been oiled to leave it looking as natural as possible. In the middle of the top half of the unit there is a clever pull out shelf below the doors, at a perfect height for mixing drinks!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at some pretty pictures and also remember that we don’t just deal in fitted kitchens, bedrooms and offices, we make beautiful freestanding handmade furniture too!!!

Handmade Furniture Bedford

If you would like to enquire about a traditionally made piece of fine handmade furniture then you can contact David on or on 01525 753737.

Thank you for reading