Now this is something I am particularly proud of!

I had a call from Mrs Manston in March of 2008.

She wanted something a bit special for her bedroom but also something that portrayed her personality with a few quirky ideas thrown in!

Mrs Manston was keen to have Georgian style paneling to invoke a grand statley home theme to her room.

After a while of throwing ideas at each other, this is what we came up with!

I had a call from Pat half way through the work with a rather original all be it somewhat eccentric idea!

She wanted some carvings to sit proudly on the posts of her bed stead, not your usual acorn or bed nob i might add, that would have been far too normal.

Instead she wanted two carvings of the Egyptian god Anubis ‘The God of Embalming’.

She explained that when she eventually ‘pops her cloggs’ (her words not mine) they will be there to show her the way!!

You may not be able to see in the images but across one entire wall were fitted wardrobes hidden within the paneling, this kept the continuation throughout the whole room with out affecting the overall look.