This was a large project that we had the pleasure of being involved with. Our client first contacted us in May 2011 with a view to us making several pieces of fitted furniture in various rooms throughout their home.

We initially priced the furniture using the Architects drawings provided and after several site visits and modifications to the plans, we were able to start manufacture.

The furniture consisted of a contemporary style throughout with variations in timber and finishes. You can see an example of the Summer room side board which spanned across the entire wall wrapping around the existing window.

It made exceptional use of space and really made a welcoming visual impact to the area

Looking back into the dining area you can get a feel for the scale of this piece.

You can also see a separate matching sideboard which really helped bring the open plan style of the house together and aided the flow between rooms.

You can see a view of the play room again with plenty of storage space and helped to make a feature of the large LCD display.The Oak was a good choice for this room as it is naturally a very sunny room and the Oak is very warm and inviting.

In the bedrooms our client wanted to create as much storage space as possible without having too much of an impact to the room itself. We suggested high gloss white doors which would allow a subtle reflection of the room which aid the already spacious area.

Hidden behind one of the wardrobe doors was a doorway through to the en-suite. This was a great way of making use of the complete wall and retaining a uniform look.

We also used a similar design in the gym but allowing space for a small fridge, a mirror and LCD display.

The last piece which, for us, needed to have the biggest impact, the lobby. American black Walnut was the timber of choice. The brief was to create as much storage space as possible and also have a warm and welcoming feel to the area. We chose sliding doors which allowed easy access but didn’t encroach into the lobby floor space. There was also a hidden doorway into the WC.

You can see an example of the internals of a section from one of the bedroom wardrobes. From double hanging space to internal drawers and pullout shelves. The choice is yours.

Thick suspended Oak shelves made good use of an awkward space and created a subtle visual impact. This allowed the books to speak for themselves.With the addition of Oak cubes used for book ends and a handy seat.

We are always happy to work along side Architects or interior designers but if you would prefer for us to manage the whole project however large or small, we provide a full design service with visual aids to help you get the most from your home.