I have been a huge fan of audiophile hi-fi for many years and have owned several different makes including Arcam, Teac, and Naim but was blown away by Cyrus, a British manufacturer of audiophile hi-fi of the utmost quality.

My passion for music lead me to my first piece of hi-fi, a Teac reference 500 and so the ball was rolling!

I then progressed through the different ‘quality’ makes and ended on a complete Cyrus 7 system. Not only is the Cyrus gear beautiful to listen to, it also has a visual presence that in my opinion, no other can match but having said that it must be placed in the right environment.

Most who know of Cyrus will be familiar with the elegant industrial looking Cyrus Hark Rack, I always wanted one but never got round to purchasing it.

I started My Furniture making business in late 1997 where I produced various commissioned pieces from out of my garage.

Things progressed pretty quick and I had to buy a proper workshop, so needless to say, the Cyrus Hi-fi went, along with my car to fund the expense of machinery etc.

I was quietly heartbroken but knew it would be worth it in the end. I have now recently purchased a new Cyrus system.

I then scoured the Internet in search of a black Cyrus Hark only to find Cyrus had discontinued it in favour of the ‘silver only’ Hark 2.

After getting over my disappointment I decided to make an alternative Hark style rack using solid timber and black suspended shelves.

Take a look at the prototype, I think the outcome is a stunning alternative to the Cyrus Hark rack.

I can make these to order in any timber to closely match to existing furniture, I can design a contemporary or traditional style and everything in between.

The rack with six shelves will cost in the region of £650/£850 depending on style and timber.